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Service Technician

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Purpose and Scope: The Service Technician works under the direction of the Service Manager to help create, maintain and repair electronic components and hardware parts used in ACT products.
Customer Support
  • Provide customer support as needed.
Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Performs pretesting and troubleshooting of circuit boards using DMM, Variable PSUs, etc,
  • Burn-in Charger components.
  • Employs technical know-how in doing fault-isolation of failed units and sub-assembly parts from both Production and Field fallouts to identify root cause/s, then carry-out necessary rework (soldering/de-soldering, touch-up or replacement of components), repair or other dispositions (e.g. scrapping, refurbishment) as required. 
  • Records outcome of troubleshooting at the back side of Red Tags (Production Fallouts) or Green Tags (Field Fallouts).
  • Makes complete entry in Google Sheet/Happy Fox Production Fallout Module.
  • Collaborates with Manufacturing Team (Production Technicians, Manufacturing Technician, QA/Test Technician) and Customer Service Team (Parts/Warranty personnel) for efficient and effective troubleshooting of reported issues.
Programming/Firmware/ECO Testing, Validation and Implementation
  • Test new programming/firmware procedures and ECO's originating from Engineering.
  • Program parts such as MCB's, BFD's, SC Cards, tablets, hootoos, etc.
Perform Housekeeping, Work Place Organization (WPO) and 5S
  • Performs housekeeping every start and end of the shift (or as frequently as required) at the assigned work station.  Maintains good Work Place Organization and adheres to 5S Lean Methodology at all times.
  • All other duties as required.

Pay: $22/hr